Established to Provide Unwavering Care and Support.
caregiver helping senior woman get down on the stairs

About the Company

Lighthouse Home Health Care LLC’s dedicated staff brings a light of hope and love to those in need. We provide quality assistance and basic health care to each client in the comfort of their home.

We serve the youth, adults, and the elderly population, along with individuals who may suffer from disabilities. We provide care to homebound individuals and patients in public or private facilities.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, their families, and an interdisciplinary team of home health practitioners to provide the right needed care. Our services are patient-focused in order to meet our clients’ needs effectively.

Rest assured that all our services are carried out by compassionate, well-trained, and experienced staff.


Lighthouse Home Health Care LLC is dedicated to being a light of hope and love to those in need. We are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ overall quality of life by restoring, maintaining, and improving their overall health in the comfort of their own home.


To be a promoter and facilitator of hope, health, and well-being, thus creating better lives, better families, and better communities of those that we serve.


  1. Moses Ngoe Tabi
  2. Hildah Tabi
  3. Isaac Tabi Tacho
  4. Victorine Nduku


We acknowledge God as our source of hope and strength in all that we do. We strive for excellence as a team. We are respectful, honest, open, and accountable to all we do. We value and honor all people with an open mind and heart.